My daughter’s experience with Terranaut Club was fantastic! She learned, explored, and developed a deeper appreciation for the environment and all things sea life! A phenomenally well organized camp experience which I highly recommend for all young learners and science lovers! Thanks Julia & team!
– Jenn
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These ladies are truly amazing! My daughter has attended for two years, first doing the girls Marine Biology camp and this year the sleepover Wildlife Conservation program on Bon Portage. She hasn’t stopped talking about her experiences and all the fun she had. She can’t wait for next year!
– Hannah
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Our daughter had an amazing time with this group. The opportunities that this group provide young girls is extraordinary. They get to feel, see and do science. It’s an experience that I’m sure she will never forget. Thank you!
– Bobby
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Thank you so much for the chance for my daughter to participate in this program and for the great links! My daughter has been developing a dislike of science mostly due to her in-school science class not being particularly hands-on or engaging. She was really starting to feel like science was not for her. I thought that this program would be a great way to introduce her to science as a hands-on, interesting experience. I was thrilled that she had a wonderful experience that allowed her to broaden her horizons and see that there are more options available to her career-wise than she may be aware of.
Thanks again,
– Maaike
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Thank you for the opportunity for my daughter to gain more context and appreciation for how cool her home is!
– Scott
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I wanted to send a note to thank you and the others involved in this program. It’s a week later and my daughter is still talking about the amazing time she had with you all. 
Thank you for all your hard work and well thought out programming you provided, it was wonderful. 
Thanks again for inspiring my girl!
– Kelley
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