Terranaut Club specializes in extra-curricular science and environmental education, bringing girls and underrepresented genders (“girls+”) to the forefront of exciting, hands-on, immersive experiences in science and nature.

October ’22 Ocean Defenders Program

Check out photos from our Ocean Defenders Program that we hosted in Miami in October alongside our collaborators MISS Elasmo, Field School, and the American Shark Conservancy! This program welcomed 10 BIPOC girls+ ages 15-18 from the Miami area for a weekend of exploring marine science, including beach seining and snorkeling, learning about threatened ecosystems in south Florida, a shark dissection, and everyone’s favourite – a shark research expedition aboard the ever-incredible R/V Garvin!

Funding for this program came from Hadley Wickham from R Studio and an 11th Hour Racing Grant from the Schmidt Family Foundation. Thank you for supporting this immersive and meaningful hands-on learning experience for a fantastic group of youth.

Our mission is to empower and inspire girls+ to pursue STEM careers and become environmental leaders in their own communities. Specifically, we aim to work with underprivileged and underrepresented girls+ in south Florida, offering a range of free, subsidized, and paid programs.

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