What We Do

Here at Terranaut Club…

We offer hands-on and immersive experiences in science and nature for middle school and high school aged girls, acting as an antidote to boring, in-class, learn-from-the-textbook STEM. We’re an alternative to traditional science education, and we work with both groups and individuals to develop customized programs. These programs can vary in length from 1 – 5 days, with overnight and day program options, that will provide girls with:

  • New and memorable experiences that are opportunities to step outside of their comfort zones πŸ‘πŸΎ
  • STEM exploration, but without the homework πŸ™ŒπŸ½
  • Environmental education, developing leadership skills and compassion for the Earth that they’ll bring home to share with their own communities ✌🏿
  • Female mentorship, from working alongside and learning from actual women in science, in a casual and supportive environment 🀝

Interested in developing a program with us?

  • If you work with underprivileged and/or underrepresented girls, we can work with you to apply for funding to either partially or completely subsidize the program. We mainly fund our programs from grants, which means we’d work with our partners (you) well ahead of time to figure what kind of program we want to run, and where we can look for funding. We take care of writing the grant and planning the program, you take care of finding the deserving, awesome girls.
  • If you have a group of girls with means to pay for our programs, we’ll work with you to customize a program that suits you group’s interest and keep it as affordable as possible.
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