Paid Programs

While the core of our non-profit is to provide programs at minimal cost to underprivileged and underrepresented girls, we also recognize that there are groups that do not fit this criteria that may be interested in joining us.

To accommodate these requests, we also offer paid programs.

For these programs, we work in collaboration with groups to develop a curriculum of lessons and activities to best suit your group’s needs and desires. These programs can range from 1 – 5 days, be overnight or day programs, and can take place pretty much anywhere in North America, so long as travel costs for Instructors are covered.



Q1: What types of groups do you work with for paid programs?
A: We work with school groups, clubs, or even groups of friends, to provide exciting, memorable, and immersive experiences that are built around a theme of science and nature exploration.

Q2: How big of groups can you accommodate?
A: While we’re flexible, this depends entirely on the scope of activities you want to pursue. Our minimum group size is 8, and our maximum sits somewhere around 20. Because we prioritize immersive experiences and mentorship, we prefer to keep the groups below 15, ensuring an Instructor:Participant ratio of 1:5 or lower.

Q3: Where are you based out of?
A: That’s a tough question to answer! Our Instructors live all across Canada and the US, with pockets in Miami, Florida, and Nova Scotia, Canada. While we may have an Instructor based near you, if you’re looking to run a program with us outside of these regions, travel for Instructors would be built into the program costs.

Q4: What are the costs of these programs?
A: Once again, this depends entirely on the scope of activities we undertake. For example, a program that involves camping, hiking and assisting with bird research in Nova Scotia will cost significantly less than a program that involves staying overnight on a research vessel, snorkeling, and assisting with shark research in Florida. We’ll try out best to work within your budget.
*Note: these are just examples of activities, and don’t represent the full variety of experiences we offer in each of these locations.

Q5: What do the costs of the paid programs cover?
A: All of our paid programs include the cost of activities, gear rental, accommodations, food, a Terranaut Club t-shirt, any lesson or activity materials, administrative costs, Instructors, and travel once the program begins. It is your responsibility to arrange transportation to and from the program. Also, keep in mind that the cost of Instructors is essentially a donation to the program. Our Instructors are generally volunteering their time for our free programs, so it offsets their personal costs by supporting them during the paid programs.

Q6: How old do the participants have to be?
A: We work with middle-school and high-school aged girls, meaning ages 10 – 18. However, depending on the length of program and scope of activities, we may require a minimum age above 10.

Q7: Do you plan international trips? Can you develop programs for American girls to travel to Canada, or Canadian girls to travel to the US?
A: This is definitely a future focus of ours, but we have not run a program like this before.

Q8: I’m in college/university, and these opportunities sound really cool. Do you ever run programs for older students?
A: No, we don’t, but for good reason! There are many other opportunities for college/university aged students, some of which we know to be excellent from personal experience. For our programs based in Miami, Florida, we partner with Field School, who offer open enrolment courses to people aged 18+ to get hands-on experience in marine science on their liveaboard research vessel, the R/V Garvin. Check them out!

Q9: I know that the Terranaut Club works with girls, but do you ever run programs for boys?
A: At this point, we only run programs for girls and gender minorities.

Have more questions that we haven’t answered here? Contact us!


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