Amanda G.

My daughter attended Terranaut Club’s Technology & Marine Conservation program during July of 2019. The program was so perfectly aligned with her desire to experience as much versatility as she can be offered. Prior to this experience she didn’t know much about marine biology, outside of her desire to help marine animals. She left inspired to explore this field, excited about the community of women she engaged with, and curious about life in university. We’re so grateful for the opportunity Terranaut Club has given our daughter. We’ll certainly be back next year for more adventures!

Bobby M.

Our daughter had an amazing time with this group. The opportunities that this group provide young girls is extraordinary. They get to feel, see, and do science. It’s an experience that I’m sure she will never forget. Thank you!

Ella A-K. (Participant)

The Terranaut Club programs are always SO MUCH FUN! I’ve learned a lot about the environment and what it’s like to be a field biologist. The leaders are all spectacular and make all the participants feel welcome and encourage us to try new things. It is also very inspiring  to see all the women working in science, and to learn about the fascinating work they do. I’ve met some amazing people and will most definitely come back for as many more programs as is humanly possible!

Hannah B.

These ladies are truly amazing! My daughter has attended for two years, first doing the girls Marine Biology camp and this year the sleepover Wildlife Conservation program on Bon Portage. She hasn’t stopped talking about her experiences and all the fun she had. She can’t wait for next year!

Paula A.

Terranaut Club is an exceptional program lead by exceptional leaders. Programs are well organized and full of great opportunities to see and experience hands-on science: research, exploration, team work, presenting findings, and great fun. The research team and coordinators were great role models and guides in supporting the girls to challenge themselves and open up to new experiences in a such a positive environment, and also set in inspiring natural settings. 

The planning of activities, community connections, accommodations, food, and presentations were all well thought out and executed with apparent ease but it is clear that so much work goes into making these programs available and accessible. I know that the impact it has had on our own daughter and her growing appreciation of the natural world, science research, and seeing female leaders in these roles has been considerable and very positive.  It is not everyday that you hear a 13 year old girl say with excitement, “She (a research leader) gets to use coding to map species population and migration in their natural habitat. That is so cool.”

The fact the they also work hard to make programs accessible to under represented young female participants is also a very important aspect. The programs and leaders are engaging and inspiring the young girls they work with to become our future scientists, engineers, and researchers. Terranaut Club rocks!

Marcia H.

Attending [the Junior Wildlife Conservation] camp has made my daughter want to be become a scientist. Thank you for this amazing program, ladies.

Jenn R.

The mission and philosophy that this club instills, promotes, and models for young girls is top notch. As an educator, I feel very grateful this club has been established and reserved for young girls from diverse backgrounds to encourage and explore science careers.

There is so much research supporting hands-on, experiential learning to learn and acquire new skills, and Terranaut achieves exactly this. To have girls asking to learn and do science over their summer break is a testament to how enjoyable, compelling and connected the program truly is.

We have shared this program with our family, friends, and local teachers to encourage them to nominate their daughters too. I strongly believe the work this program is doing is so valuable and significant. I honestly have nothing but positive words to impart about our daughter’s affiliation with this club and wholeheartedly thank Julia and her staff who make this unique and exceptional science program available.

Jenn P.

When Terranaut Club says that their programs are “hands-on”, they really mean it! I was absolutely amazed to hear about the activities that my girls got to take part in at the 3 programs they’ve been able to attend so far. One of the things I love so much about Terranaut Club is that it exposes my daughters to seeing and interacting with women in the sciences, technology, engineering, and math. They have shared with me that the activities at the Terranaut programs have opened their eyes to career options they never thought of, or had even heard of before.

It’s a very powerful thing for my daughters to see an all-female team providing this kind of programming. Every detail, every activity. My daughters have said that the all-female environment gave them a chance to speak up and be heard and not be overshadowed by the boys, like they are in school. About the Terranaut Club staff… they’re more than just scientists putting on science camps. They really get to know the girls. Last year’s Intermediate Wildlife Conservation program on Bon Portage Island was Julia and Jorja’s first Terranaut Club program, and they were nervous to go and unsure of what to expect. When I picked them up three days later, the first thing they said was “Can we go again next year?!” They have never said that about ANY other overnight camp. They were so excited when they found out they were accepted to attend again this year.  I’m sure if they had only one choice of what they could do the whole summer, this would be it!

Jenn R.

My daughter’s experience with Terranaut Club was fantastic! She learned, explored, and developed a deeper appreciation for the environment and all things sea life! A phenomenally well organized camp experience which I highly recommend for all young learners and science lovers! Thanks Julia & team!

Quinn M. (Participant)

I never got the chance to say a thorough thank you for the weekend. The Terranaut [Junior Wildlife Conservation] camp is now rated among the most amazing experiences of my life.

I had never been to an overnight camp before so of course I was a little nervous. But as soon as I met the instructors and other kids I was fine.

For the grubbing I can’t thank you enough. I have only held a bird once before and it was not for very long (this was during a release – I didn’t just pick up a random bird). The grubbing was likely my favorite part and probably where I learned the most too.

One other thing I wanted to thank you for is the squid dissection. I honestly did not want to do it but you encouraged everyone to give it a try. Once I got started I had so much fun! Not only was this fun, but it also gave me confidence! Now I know I have the ability to do that type of thing without feeling sick like I thought I would. Same thing with the fish. Last time I handled one, I found it quite gross, but you and the other kids told me I should try without the gloves. I did, and had a great time.

Thank you so much for giving all of us this opportunity. I think all of us left the island happy and with a great deal more knowledge than before.

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