Summer 2023

Our summer program listing will be available on Monday, April 3rd and nominations will be open until May 1st. Join our summer program info sessions on Wednesday, March 29th from 7-8pm Atlantic or Saturday, April 1st from 12-1pm Atlantic to learn more!

Our summer programs are offered at three age ranges: Junior (9-12), Intermediate (12-15) and Advanced (15-18); in two subject streams: marine biology and wildlife conservation. Participants may attend only one program per summer and may complete the programs in any order unless otherwise noted.

To attend a summer program, participants must be nominated by an adult that knows them well by May 1st, which can include parents/guardians, teachers, coaches, etc. Returning participants, who have attended an in-person summer program before, must complete an earn-your-way-back activity to be considered again. Learn more about the earn-your-way-back initiative here.

All programs are:

  • Based in Nova Scotia (but we might be offering our first program in New Brunswick this summer – stay tuned!)
  • Pay-what-you-can
  • Nomination-based, participants must be nominated by an adult who knows them well
  • Taught by women in science with advanced degrees
  • Open to girls+ (girls and under-represented genders) ages 9-18 who live in the Maritime provinces (NB, NS, PEI) and who also meet our nomination criteria
  • Small, with only 10-12 participants
  • Welcoming, inclusive environments
  • Primarily outdoors
  • Overnight, either camping or staying in cabins
  • Designed for all skill levels – no prior knowledge is required

All programs feature:

  • Hands-on learning in a fun & casual environment
  • Mentorship from women in STEM
  • Exciting and memorable activities that inspire love for STEM & nature
  • Learning about careers in the program’s field

Nomination information:

Nominees must meet at least one of the following criteria to be considered:

  • Comes from a disadvantaged background (“low income”)
  • Comes from an under-represented background (African-Canadian/Indigenous/Hispanic or Latinx)
  • Is a first generation immigrant (immigrated to Canada)
  • Has led an environmental initiative at school or in their community
  • Has led a science initiative at school or in their community
  • Is passionate about science, animals, or the environment

To advance our mission, 50% of seats in all programs are reserved for participants who come from a disadvantage and/or under-represented background. Remaining seats are filled with participants who meet other criteria.

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