Advanced Marine Biology



  • July 21-23
  • 2 days, camping overnight
  • Halifax and Wolfville, Smiley’s Provincial Park
  • 12 seats
  • Pay-what-you-can
  • Drop-off/pick-up times and locations to be determined
  • No prior knowledge needed


  • Fishing for Atlantic mackerel, we’ll learn how to properly measure and collect data from fish
  • Touring Dalhousie University’s Aquatron, we’ll learn about the different technologies used to study marine life in captivity
  • Learning about how scientists are able to track marine animals throughout the oceans using something called acoustic tracking technology with our friends at Innovasea
  • Using microscopes to age the scales of striped bass (a threatened species in Nova Scotia), we’ll learn about how ‘machine learning’ is being used to help marine biologists
  • Dissecting skates, we’ll learn about their anatomy and how genetics are used to help manage their populations
  • Explore how coding is used to interpret marine data and develop conservation strategies
  • And more!


This program is open to girls and under-represented genders ages 15-18 who live in the Maritime provinces (NB, NS, PEI). Participants from other areas are welcome to apply for our wait list.

How To Apply

Participants must be nominated by an adult that knows them well, including parents/guardians, by May 1st.

Not all activities shown in the images below will take place again this year.

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