Fall Field Trip: Fundy National Park Salmon Release

🐟 Fundy National Park 🌿


  • October 4 OR 6 (weather dependant, will be notified within a few days of the program)
  • 12-6:30pm
  • Fundy National Park
  • 8 seats
  • Pay-what-you-can
  • No prior knowledge needed
  • For girls+ ages 9-18 (previously advertised as being for 9-12 year olds)


  • Participants will get hands-on with the fish, helping to carry and release salmon from the truck that they will be transported in on into the Upper Salmon River.
  • We’ll start in the afternoon at the Park’s Salt and Fir Center, meeting female Park staff and doing an activity related to the salmon life cycle.
  • We’ll hike down to the Upper Salmon River (1.7km) to join other staff and community groups and begin the release. 
  • We’ll assist with releasing the salmon and doing water quality monitoring for two hours before hiking back up (1.7km) and heading back to the Salt and Fir Centre to finish off the field trip.

How To Apply

Unlike our summer programs, there is no nomination process for field trips. Registration is first come, first served, and can be completed on the program’s Eventbrite page.

Photo courtesy of Fundy National Park

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